Delhi is a treasure trove of Indian history, bridging two different worlds endowed with a multitude of complexities and contradictions. Here Time past and Time present co-exist in unquestioning harmony. Being the seat of the Government and a hub for all national development, the capital city of India is catching up with all the technological intricacies and magical advancements of the modern era with fervor , while showcasing its past glory The City of Djinns is home to 155 national monuments and around 1,000 culturally important places built at different times.

With the imprint of an unending host of kingdoms and dynasties that ruled here through the ages, Delhi has come to be an extraordinary and mystical mosaic of medieval fortifications, Mughal mausoleums, places of worship, dusty olde world bazaars, colonial grandeur and mega malls. Shahjahanabad, as Delhi was known in the 17th century, built by the Mughals, is perhaps one of the first examples of urban planning that humankind has witnessed. In Mehrauli, which is the oldest urban settlement of the city, stands the magnificent Qutub Minar, built in the 12th century, that never fails to amaze. While Old Delhi is the gateway to many such haunting souvenirs of history, New Delhi or Lutyen’s Delhi is an impressive expression of 20th Century garden city principles. It is hard for a traveller not to be overwhelmed by the cultural assortment the city offers, as they travel back in time with its cultural richness and then back to contemporary world class facilities and services that it has to offer.

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Weather in Delhi

With an average temperature between 27oC (81oCF) during the day and 13oCC (55oCF) at night, the weather in Delhi and most parts of India during November is exceedingly pleasant. The evenings can get a bit chilly but can be well managed with a light jacket or a shawl.

Touring Delhi

Delhi is an excellent city to explore. Various daytrips and tours are available for delegates and their companions to choose. Delegates preferring a private tour can ask staff at the Concierge desks for assistance.

Restaurants in Delhi

Having been the capital of India for many centuries, Delhi is a melting pot of various cultures and cuisines. You would thus find many cuisines from around the country as well as around the world.
Ask your concierge for dining options in Delhi.